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We provide machinery moving services. To the recipient’s hand at the exact time (DOOR TO DOOR SERVICE), punctual, in more than 700,000 locations around the world with an efficient delivery system. You can follow and check the status. Delivery available 24 hours a day from all over the world. and check expenses through the credit system and check the status of the products www.888lts.com (Ready for full system operation on 8/8/2013) Suitable for agencies or business organizations that require an efficient, standardized product delivery system that is accepted and trusted by Government agencies, public companies and leading companies To support your business growth, L.T.S. Express (Thailand) Company Limited is the choice for those who want to use fast, safe and punctual service at Thai prices. We are committed to further development. for Thai people to use the service Full logistics system

Why should you choose to use the service? Moving machinery our industry

Move everything completely in one place.

An industrial moving company that provides complete services. Will provide services from planning, moving, transporting, assembling and installing. and after-sales service Giving customers convenience and saving time in moving. No need to waste time and effort preparing things yourself.


Complete industrial moving services

House moving service
Office moving service
Machine moving service
Furniture moving service
Office equipment moving service
Product moving service

LTS EXPRESS, the leader in complete industrial moving services.

LTS EXPRESS is a company that provides complete industrial moving services. Established in 2006 with the aim of providing high quality, safe and fast moving services under international standards.
LTS EXPRESS has an experienced team that specializes in industrial moving. There are modern equipment and tools. Helps to move safely and efficiently.
LTS EXPRESS provides all types of moving services, whether it be house moving services. Office moving service Machine moving service Furniture moving service Office equipment moving service Product moving service, etc.
LTS EXPRESS places the highest priority on the safety of our customers’ assets. All employees have received good safety training. To prevent damage to customer property
In addition, LTS EXPRESS also provides comprehensive after-sales service. Always helping customers every step of the way. So that customers can be confident that they will receive the best service.
Highlights of LTS EXPRESS
Provide complete service From planning, moving, transporting, assembling and installing. and after-sales service
Experienced and expert team Has received good safety training.
Modern equipment and tools Helps to move safely and efficiently.
Prioritizes the safety of customer property first.
There is a comprehensive after-sales service.
Customer reviews
“Very impressed with the service of LTS EXPRESS. The staff are polite, good service, and moving quickly and safely. No property was damaged at all.” – Ms. Supavadee 
“I have used the machinery moving service with LTS EXPRESS many times. Never disappointed professional staff Moved well. There is no problem.” – Mr. Somchai
“Moving house with LTS EXPRESS. Very impressed. Good service staff Move quickly No property was damaged. Most importantly, it’s not expensive.” – Ms. Orawan, customer from Chiang Mai province.

Problems that most customers encounter when moving industrially

Industrial moving is a job that requires a lot of expertise and experience. Due to having to move heavy and large items Including various machinery and equipment that may easily be damaged If you are not careful
From experience working in industrial moving for a long time. It was found that the problems that most customers will encounter when moving industrially include:
Security issues are the most common. This is because most industries have heavy and large machines and equipment. If you are not careful in moving There may be accidents that may damage the customer’s property. Or it may cause employees to be injured.
Delays: This problem can be caused by many reasons, such as traffic conditions, or careless planning. or other unexpected problems if moving is not planned carefully. This may cause the move to be delayed beyond schedule.
Cost Issues Industrial moving costs can be high. Because it requires a lot of equipment and labor. If you don’t compare prices and services from multiple different companies, it can end up costing you more than it’s worth.
In addition to the above problems Customers may encounter additional problems, such as communication problems. Misunderstanding problems, etc. Therefore, preparation before using industrial moving services is important. To help reduce risks and problems that may occur.
Tips for avoiding problems when moving in industry
Study the company information carefully before deciding to use its services. You should study the company’s information in detail, such as its history, experience, and service standards. Including reviews from customers who have used the service.
Plan your move carefully: Evaluate the number and type of items to be moved. Transport distance and clearly specify the time period for moving
Compare Prices and Services It is best to compare prices and services from several different companies to choose the one that best meets your needs and budget.
Request to see a quote once you’ve selected the company you want to use. You should ask to see a clear price quote. Specify details such as a list of items to be moved. Transport distance Expenses clearly
If you follow these tips It will help customers avoid problems when moving industrially efficiently.

Our customers

Important points about industrial moving


Because moving industry requires certainty in using the service.

Estimate the moving time so that everything goes as planned.

The transport route is important and needs to be looked at in advance.

Evaluate the tools needed for moving.

Coordinate with various related agencies to ensure accuracy and compliance with the law.

moving operation

Inspect various items before moving to ensure that no damage has occurred.

Packaging must be up to standard to help prevent damage to the product.

Precaution is an important part that makes LTS EXPRESS number 1 when it comes to moving.

Install and test tools to verify usability.


Safety is of utmost importance in industrial moving. Safety measures should be strictly followed. To prevent accidents that may occur.